Monday, 29 April 2019 19:44

DON employee teams up with resident to tackle bandit signs

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Department of Neighborhoods Inspections and Public Service teams are out in the field every day, conducting code inspections and connecting residents to city services and resources that can help them address and resolve neighborhood concerns. The aim is always excellence in customer service, and hearing from neighbors that the team is doing a great job affirms that hard work and dedication is appreciated.  DON recently received a letter from a resident applauding one of its team members, Dee Harris, for her excellent customer service. The resident writes:

“I am writing to applaud one of your City of Houston employees, Ms. Dee Harris.  I have had a most collegial relationship with her through the years in regards to the Bandit Sign issue in our city.  Approximately twice yearly, after I have collected a large number of Bandit Signs in our neighborhood, she comes by to retrieve them so that she can document their illegal placement and discard them appropriately.  I do this to assist her as I know that the city has a large problem with bandit signs and a very limited budget with which to do so. It’s this partnership that maximizes our city’s funds while engaging the citizens in participating in the effort to keep the city clean and beautiful ... We just love Dee and we want the city to know this.”


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