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HPC Occupancy staff makes business run smoothly

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David Cagle, founder of Cagle Concepts, wrote to Mayor Turner to commend the employees of the Houston Permitting Center Occupancy Section. 

"I would just like to take the time to acknowledge some of your employees in the Occupancy Section which handles Electronic Locks on the First Floor Houston Permitting Center for a second if you don’t mind," he wrote.

"Jon Garrou and Casey Tomlin and many others make that Deptartment run very smoothly. If you have a question about anything they are always there to give you answer and help out in a friendly and professional manner. Another thing implicated by Jon is the meetings we have with the contractors and the city to go over the website and ways to make the whole process even easier, trust me it helps. Doing everything online now makes the whole process way more convenient and efficient then in the past," he wrote.

"Lonnie Files: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for Plan Checker Lonnie Files, he will answer is phone even when he is extremely busy, is super helpful and friendly," Cagle wrote. 

"Daniel De la Cruz is not allowed to ever quit or be terminated. That guy is fantastic at his job and his customer service amazing. I have had many situations that he has helped my company thru many many times."He is always friendly and very knowledgeable of everything going on with any of the online issues too, he is the glue in that department," he wrote. 

"Paul Pfardresher: Paul has been my Inspector from way back when I was an installer, he has given me so much information I needed on multiple occasions even when I knew he is busy, always takes the time to help out, always friendly and professional and has a great deal of knowledge about all of the codes too. Without his expert guidance on some issues I would have been lost on more than one occasion," he wrote. 

"I just wanted to say thank you very much for this department and the city employees who work in it. It makes my company and many others run smoothly. I would also say that all of these people are indispensable and should all get a raise, maybe even two."




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