Wednesday, 30 January 2019 19:03

Houston Permitting Center provides first-class service

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Bobby Plyler, president of P.W. Platforms, Inc, wrote to Mayor Turner to say that Houston Permitting Center employees defied his expectations. After a fire damaged his business, Plyler was nervous about navigating the permitting process. Instead of experiencing frustration, anxiety and “government red tape,” Plyler was grateful for the outstanding customer service and attention to detail he received at the Houston Permitting Center. He specifically thanked Casey Tomlin and Veronica Rodriguez. 

“I arrived and within 45 minutes had all of my permit applications filled out, fees paid and project numbers assigned. EVERYONE was extremely helpful, though they could obviously determine that I was extremely nervous by the way I spoke and  talked a hundred miles an hour,” Plyler wrote. 

“We made a series of mistakes that started 8 years ago that caught up with us when this fire happened.  The frustration I felt was totally due to the mistakes we made, not the City of Houston. The GOOD people at the Occupancy department jumped through hoops to accommodate me, held my hand and explained everything in great detail, with a lot of compassion, which is very rare these days, and tried reassuring me all the while that they were going to help me,” he wrote. 

“Without their kindness and compassion, not to mention dedication to their jobs, I would not be open today trying to survive. I was really impressed.  My wife has been with the USPS for 28 years and I know what a bad rap government employees get from the public.  I used to think the same thing before I met her.  The funny thing is Mr. Mayor, I was expecting the lazy government bureaucratic red tape, but, received first-class customer service, first-class explanations with details how to navigate, first-class compassion and most importantly, first-class dedication to the betterment of the City of Houston, by getting another small business back up and running.”  

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