Wednesday, 30 January 2019 15:17

Moody Park employees are a credit to the city

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Ed Huber, an election judge at Moody Park, wrote to Mayor Turner to show his appreciation for customer service provided by Houston Parks and Recreation Department employees. 

“I have worked as an election judge at the Moody Park Community Center the past few years, and I wanted to call your attention to the outstanding work being done there by Moses Becerra, and his staff,” Huber wrote. “Moses has made sure all of our needs are met, while also juggling, and meeting the needs of other groups, and activities using the facility during the same time frame as our elections.”

“His staff is always friendly, and open to assisting where needed. In particular, I want to focus attention on the custodian Edward Parker, who is always timely about opening the facility for us, and making sure the center is in tip-top condition for all. I have observed he is friendly, courteous, and has a good work ethic,” he wrote. 

“It is a credit to you, and the City of Houston that you have employees like those at the Moody Park Community Center.”

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