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Acres Homes resident witnesses relational policing in action

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Tierra Dykes-Johnson wrote to Mayor Turner to share her admiration for the HPD officers making a routine arrest in her community. Officers involved included C. Sanders, Unit #6B29E;  Lacopelli, Unit #6B29E, J.G. Garcia, Unit #6B20E and M. Brice, Unit #6B20E 

Here’s what she had to say:

"I was able to witness a routine traffic stop and arrest handled with poise and humility. At no time did the officers demean this young black man. Instead they allowed neighbors to call his family to come retrieve the vehicle,” Dykes-Johnson wrote. “They also did an awesome job by communicating with the neighbors making sure they were not interrupting the innocent citizens needs by offering to unblock a driveway. I am not sure if the first unit called for assistance, however a second unit arrived and left shortly after having a conversation with the officers and suspect. But later returned with the suspect's grandmother(that stays about 2 blocks away) who took possession of car verses towing it." 

“This is a great example of officers not only enforcing the law and protecting the community, but working with the community bridging social tensions. I am so thankful that I was able to witness this and I am even prouder to know that these are the kind of officers serving my community Acres Homes,” she wrote.

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