Tuesday, 23 August 2016 17:08

311 and PWE convert cynic into city supporter

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Scott Allen had low expectations when he reluctantly called 311 to report a persistent street issue at 807 S. Post Oak. The self-described cynic was pleasantly surprised when city employees proved him wrong by delivering exemplary customer service. Here's what Allen had to say:

"Many times I perceive that we forget to say “thank you, job well done.”  I do not want to be the person to forget, so thank you. Long/story short, there is/was a street issue at 807 S Post Oak Lane that had persisted for many weeks and had become a “24/7” issue for  the surrounding neighborhoods. We waited several weeks before deciding to contact the city, because we know & understand you have many more pressing issues and wanted to give the city the time they needed before we complained.

"In any case, I contacted the city and received such kind, polite and prompt replies, and also we received actual help. It was amazing. It was like the city departments were a private business actually trying to serve their customers – the citizens.Everyone from Ms. Hicks at 311, Eric Dargan’s office (Tracy Samuel) and the 311 Email Response Team should be thanked and commended. Truly, their interest, promptness and dedication was great.

"I  have probably gotten too cynical and ‘grumpy’ over the years. I was convinced that contacting the city was going to be a bureaucratic nightmare of ‘passing the buck’ and indifference; I was not only wrong, I was dead wrong. To you and the city employees: Job well done."



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