Wednesday, 27 May 2015 17:35

Neighborhood association praises DON's Barreras for assistance

Maplewood South/North Community Improvement Association members expressed their gratitude to City Council members for approving funds for the organization's Neighborhood Matching Grant project.

Kate Brusegaard, Maplewood South/North Community Improvement Association beautification director, especially praised the work of Conya Barreras, community relations specialist with the Department of Neighborhoods.

In a letter to the Mayor's Office, Brusegaard issued "a big thank you, not only to the city council for approving funds for the program, but especially to Community Relations Specialist Conya Barreras."

"(Barreras) was always helpful whenever I had  questions and responded quickly, no matter the time of day," Brusegaard wrote. "She made the process go smoothly for us and was always positive with her encouragement and support."

Brusegaard and the neighborhood association president Aletha Evert recently met with the city's Council Committee on Quality of Life at City Hall, where Evert discussed the Neighborhood Matching Grant project.

This is the fourth year the Maplewood South/North Community Improvement Association has participated in the grant program. Association members said the program has made a significant impact within the neighborhood and urged continuation of the grant program.

"The difference it has made to our area is amazing," Brusegaard wrote. "It has been a tremendous benefit for all the qualifying civic groups and partnering with city council to get so many beautification efforts accomplished has been a win-win for all."

Thanks to Conya Barreras for helping residents access programs that improve their neighborhoods and the city.

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