Houston Public Library (6)

Wednesday, 29 April 2015 11:24

HPL welcomes new staff members

The Houston Public Library welcomes new staff members. They are Merriann Bidgood, Caitlin Cody, Michelle Middleton, Erika Thompson, Gabrielle Coats, Valentin Jaimes, Daven Bell, Irene Resnick, Jennifer Unruh, Stephanie Moreno, and Vanessa Gempis. HPL also welcome back Helen Jackson and Mary Hammond. Congratulations on well-deserved promotions for Robert Bliss, Bradford Dobos, Mikaela Selley, Ghulam Markhiani, Celeste Diaz,Trosha Pickrom and Douglas Deitrich. And best wishes and a happy retirement to Laura Cardenas and Ethel Holcombe.