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Winter is coming | Check out our long list of cool seasonal flights

As you flip through the calendar this October, November and December, Houston Airports wants you to consider new destinations that are only one direct flight away.  

For those seeking to travel internationally for the holidays or winter break, consider a United Airlines flight to Sydney, Australia. United officially kickstarts the seasonal flight offering in late October. 

Air New Zealand offers direct flights between Space City and Auckland, New Zealand, and Singapore Airlines connects Houston to Singapore through direct air service which stops in Manchester, United Kingdom. October and December are also popular times to visit Munich, Germany. Houston Airports connects you to Bavaria’s capital through a non-stop United Airlines flight.  

If you’ve got some vacation time to burn and would prefer to stay in North America, consider Canada. Both United Airlines and WestJet offer direct flights to Calgary while Air Canada is connecting Houston to Vancouver, one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities.  

Whether it’s to celebrate Dia de los Muertos or to simply bask on pristine beaches, Mexico’s hottest destinations are one flight away. You can reach Monterrey, Mexico, which is home to the Topo Chico, by catching a flight through United Airlines or Viva Aerobus. Both George Bush Intercontinental Airport and William P. Hobby Airport connect Houston to Puerto Vallarta, so get ready to cash in or collect points through Southwest Airlines or United Airlines.  

The beaches, volcanoes and jungles of Costa Rica are something to be desired during the winter. Both Southwest Airlines and United Airlines offer flights in and out of Bush and Hobby airports.  

Hiking, museums, eco-tours and walks through San Salvador’s historic downtown make a trip to the capital of El Salvador memorable. Houston Airports welcomed Volaris El Salvador this spring. United Airlines, Avianca and Spirit Airlines also fly from Houston to the trending Central American destination.  

If you’d like to enjoy the sun this winter, just not in Houston, consider Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo, Brazil. A non-stop United Airlines flight will get adventurous travelers right along the southern hemisphere, which makes the country a popular destination during the North American winter months.  

Maybe you want to travel this winter, but your schedule allows for a long weekend getaway. Southwest Airlines and United Airlines connect Houston to El Paso, Lubbock, Raleigh/Durham and Nashville.  

Delta Airlines, at both Bush and Hobby airports, connects Houston to Atlanta - and so do Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Frontier. This might be the time to try a new airline in and out of the nation’s busiest airport.  

If you’re looking to reconnect with family or old friends in Des Moines or Knoxville, know that Allegiant Airlines at Hobby provides a direct connection, and so does United Airlines at Bush.  

For those strategizing a visit to the Happiest Place on Earth, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines all fly to Orlando. And for those looking to wear a bathing suit this winter, United Airlines returns seasonal flights to Palm Springs in November and Key West this December. Happy travels! 


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