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Fall sale for rain barrels and compost bins ends Oct. 9

Annual sale is sponsored by HPW and the Green Building Resource Center


A great way to conserve is by using a rain barrel. The Houston Public Works Fall Rain Barrel Sale is underway through Oct. 9.  

Get a discounted rain barrel for $77 or compost bin for $62 while this popular sale continued. The sale ends at 11 a.m. Oct. 9.

Order online at

Pickup is 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Oct. 22 at the Houston Green Building Resource Center at 1002 Washington Ave.

Top four reasons to harvest rainwater

  • Protect our rivers and streams from runoff pollution.
  • Use rainwater to grow healthy and lush plants.
  • Supplement your water supply.
  • Rainwater is a free resource that is easy to harvest and use.

Five reasons to compost

  • It reduces environmental impact of hauling food and green waste, much of which is landfilled, saving space and reducing methane gas.
  • Adding composted nutrients to the soil prevents it from becoming too acidic, or too alkaline.
  • Healthy plants with nutrient-rich compost reduce the need for chemicals/pesticides.
  • It promotes root growth, allowing soil to retain water and reducing runoff pollution.
  • Composting returns natural nutrients to the soil, which sustains a variety of life, including birds, bacteria and insects.


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