Wednesday, 24 August 2022 16:11

Houston Permitting Center re-promotes recycling

The Houston Permitting Center has had a recycling kiosk since it opened in 2011, but it needed an updated look and feel.

The Battery Sorting Station is the  newest innovation.  It features a shelf for rechargeable batteries,  single-use batteries and buttons, rechargeable tool and lead batteries, and for electronics.  Batteries range from harmless to toxic, and the containers with the signage tend to make it educational and informative for battery users.

Steve Stelzer, the program director for the Green Building Resource Center (GBRC), became concerned when recycling batteries became more difficult a couple of years ago.  After much effort, he engaged with the HPC Business Support Services group to design an inspirational node for this activity.  Taylor Valentine coordinated the support, and Daniel de la Cruz provided the unified graphic design.

All hard-to-recycle items will be shipped to a specialty recycling entity called terracycle outside of Boston.  They can recycle straws, balloons, plastic cutlery, snack bags, wrappers, straws and much more.  Styrofoam is taken in by Steve and densified  at his densifier in the GBRC to remove the 95% air to then recycle the polystyrene.

Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, conserves natural resources, prevents pollution and saves energy.  For further information, contact Steve at 832-394-9050 or


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