Tuesday, 19 July 2022 11:32

Volunteers sought to help prevent handicap parking abuses

The City of Houston is offering a new online course for residents interested in volunteering to help prevent the abuse of parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

Through its public parking management team, ParkHouston, the virtual training modules allow Houstonians 24-hour access to complete the Volunteer Parking Enforcement certification at their convenience. Until now, this training was only offered in person or through fixed-schedule online courses.

“Our volunteers make a significant impact on the City of Houston’s efforts to keep our city accessible for all residents by keeping ADA parking spaces available for those who truly need them,” said Maria Irshad, assistant director of ParkHouston. “Since we have volunteers across the city, there is a greater chance that a volunteer will be able to observe and address this type of parking violation in their neighborhood than a Parking Compliance Officer who has over 665 square miles to patrol.”

In 2021, ParkHouston digitally trained more than 100 new volunteers for the Mayor's Volunteer Initiatives Program. Last year, these volunteers issued more than 80% of the citations to violators who illegally parked in spaces designated for people with disabilities.

The Texas Transportation Code authorizes cities across Texas to train volunteers to enforce the abuse of ADA parking spaces.

In the four-hour training course, volunteers are empowered to issue citations, handle conflict, and become ambassadors for Houston. Volunteers must be 18 or older, have a valid Texas ID, and pass a criminal background check.

For more information or to register to become a volunteer, visit www.houstontx.gov/parking/volunteer.html.

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