Thursday, 24 March 2022 15:37

HROne’s ‘Digital Transformation’ prepares for takeoff

The City of Houston’s long-awaited plans to update its Human Resources processes is nearing its final stages of completion.

The Human Resources Department is putting its finishing touches on “HROne,” a digital transformation strategic plan aimed at modernizing HR processes. They will officially unveil the plan sometime this spring.

“The vision of HROne is more than just a digital transformation, it’s about a sustainable model for the workforce where every employee, no matter the level, will experience ease of use and system access on the go,” HR Director Jane Cheeks explained. “It’s holding true to the expression, “working smarter, not harder.”

HR released its plan, the HROne 2020-2025 People Strategy, back in 2019. The plan is based on four pillars — the workforce, innovation, economy and quality. Together, they define how the department envisions moving forward.

Under the plan, Cheeks said the city will benefit from the transformation by using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business practices, culture and customer experiences to meet ever changing HR legal and compliance requirements.

“Human Resources should no longer be regarded as a clerical-intensive department, but rather an area that leverages technology for the greater benefit of the workplace,” Cheeks said. “Through the introduction of HROne, this will be the first time in the city’s history that retirees with have simplified access to their important data, all in one location.”

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