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Temperature Screening Kiosk to be manned by temporary employees

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The Human Resources Department is transitioning the temperature screening program from City Employees to automated temperature screening kiosks. These kiosks will now be manned by temporary employees on a limited basis.

Due to decreased funding for temporary employees, some of the non-public facing temperature screening kiosks may not have an employee assigned at present. Officials are hopeful additional funding will be added to this program within the coming weeks. In the meantime, the temperature screening process has been modified.

By now, all city employees should be aware of the need to stay home when they are feeling sick, especially when they are experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms. If a non-public facing point of entry is unmanned, employees may be directed to an alternate entrance or may be asked to self-screen by using the temperature screening kiosk.

Upon entering a city building or facility, employees should proceed to a kiosk and position themselves according to the floor markings so their temperature can eb taken. If the kiosk reading is “green”, they should obtain a wristband on the nearby table and access the building. If the kiosk is “red”, they should step back from the kiosk and try again. If it indicates a “red” reading the second time, the employee should contact their supervisor for reporting instructions for the day, as they are being denied access to the city building or facility.

For those city buildings or facilities with an unmanned temperature screening kiosk and the department can allow a city employee to man it, the department may proceed to do so until a temporary employee can be assigned by the Human Resources Department. 

Please contact Marvelette Hunter at, or by phone at 832-393-1050 for more information. And please do your part to help stop the spread of COVID-19.


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