Tuesday, 29 December 2020 10:35

Mayor Turner announces the Urban Prairie Resiliency Project

Mayor Sylvester Turner is proud to announce the Urban Prairie Resiliency Project, a collaborative endeavor that will further the city’s resilience goals to be prepared for, to withstand, and to bounce back from the shocks and stresses caused by hurricanes and floods. The project will integrate green stormwater infrastructure and restore the urban prairie ecosystem within New Hope Housing and Star of Hope’s Cornerstone Community Campus, an affordable supportive housing development.

The Mayor’s Office of Resilience, in accordance with the Resilient Houston Strategy and the Complete Communities Initiative, is partnering with New Hope Housing and Star of Hope to restore up to 8 acres of prairie of the Cornerstone Community campus. By restoring the tallgrass prairie ecosystem, whose wetlands act as “nature’s kidneys” for the Houston region, the Urban Prairie Resiliency Project will serve as an example of a neighborhood adaptation project which will create wildlife habitat and outdoor educational and recreational space while improving stormwater retention, water filtration, and groundwater replenishment.

The project will be located off Highway 288 and Reed Road within the Cornerstone Community Campus, which features Star of Hope’s Women & Family Development Center and the New Hope Housing Reed affordable housing complex. On any given day, the campus collectively serves 1,200-1,300 people.

The Urban Prairie Resiliency Project advances many of the goals laid out in the Resilient Houston strategy introduced earlier this year by:

  • Reducing flooding and minimizing flooding impacts
  • Fulfilling one of the 100 green stormwater infrastructure projects called for in the Strategy by 2025.
  • Contributing to the 4.8 million tree planting target called for in the strategy by 2030.
  • Enhancing carbon capture capacity and contributing to the City’s carbon neutrality goal by 2050.
  • Eliminating geographic health disparities through health benefits of ecosystem
  • Implementing a project that can utilize and pilot the Houston Incentives for Green Development
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