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HFD demonstrates improved high-water response system during Imelda

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HighwaterrescueTropical Depression Imelda drenched the Houston area, and Houston Fire Department dispatched 1,758 emergency calls and conducted 918 water rescues, on Sept. 19 alone. But HFD was more prepared thanks to a major investment in high-water response program.

The City of Houston is subject to flooding that may result in casualties and/or damage to property. The most frequent flood hazard in Houston is flash flooding. Riverine flooding and dam/levee failure are possible, but considered less likely due to adequate maintenance practices. The most common flash flooding service demand is stranded motorist resulting from street-level flooding.  

Below is a summary of funding allocation:

From FY18 through FY19, approximately $2.3M has been invested into development and improvement of the High-WaterRescue and Response program.

Grants and Donations:

• Evacuation Boats ​$196,000
• Rescue Boats ​​$78,000
• High Water Vehicles​ $319,012

General Fund Allocations:

• Evacuation Boats​ $132,000
• Rescue Boats​​ $52,000
• High Water Vehicles​ $398,765
• Wave Runners​​ $39,000
• Prime Movers​​ $800,000

Training: Established and 80-member Water Strike Team

• Basic Flood Water and Evacuation Boat Training
• Swift Water Ops/Technician Rescue Boat Training
• High-Water Vehicle Operation Training
• Personnel Equipment and Tools
• Total investment ​$320,000

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