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Houstonia Magazine puts HPW's pothole program to the test

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Frustrated by the potholes on his commute from Montrose to the Heights, Houstonia Magazine writer Morgan Kinney decided to test Houston Public Works' next-business day pothole repair pledge. Kinney reported 10 different potholes and tracked their progress over the next business day. The Houstonia staff learned a lesson about doubting city employees and the efficacy of reporting repairs to 311. 

"Nine out of our 10 potholes were filled by mid-afternoon. We used the map to investigate the lone exception, whose updated report indicated “Maintenance repairs have been scheduled for this location.” Apparently Public Works visited the intersection of Dunlavy and Westheimer and determined our final pothole—a buckle so truly gargantuan that it threatens to suck your vehicle into the next dimension—was too large to simply patch. Steamrollers would be required to complete the “asphalt/skin patch work order,” and a roller crew would be dispatched posthaste. So, no repair within one business day, but it was indeed 'assessed and addressed'in the proper time frame. Mayor Turner keeps his perfect score," Kinney wrote.

"As the data clearly show, if you yell into your computer or phone about potholes, someone actually listens. Few acts have left us feeling so powerful," Kinney wrote. 

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