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BARC offers Kitten Care 101 classes on May 19

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 Kitten season is here!  BARC – the City of Houston’s Animal Shelter and Adoption Center – is partnering with Friends For Life Animal Shelter to provide kitten care classes to educate the public on a variety of kitten related topics, including what to do if you find a stray kitten and how to better each kittens’ chances of survival.

“Springtime is definitely kitten time at BARC,” said Jennifer Barrera Wandrey, BARC outreach manager. “People assume kittens found alone have been abandoned so they bring them to the shelter, but most of the time the mother is nearby and will return.”

 The classes will provide information and training on various cat related topics including what to do if you find a kitten. Both classes are open to the public and can sign up by emailing

Sunday, May 19 • 10- 11 a.m.
BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions Center
2700 Evella Street
Houston, TX 77026

Each year, well-meaning Houstonians come across seemingly abandoned kittens and rush them to shelters. Unfortunately, these good intentions may significantly decrease the kitten’s chances of survival. Kittens’ immune systems are fragile, and their care is often labor-intensive, making them the most vulnerable inhabitants of a shelter. It is best to leave kittens alone and watch for the mother cat to return within 3 to 4 hours. Residents should only bring kittens to the shelter if the kittens or their mother are sick, injured, or in immediate danger. 

The simplest, but most powerful thing, Houstonians can do to help pets throughout the community is to foster, volunteer, donate and adopt. If you are unable to permanently adopt a pet but would like to help animals in need, BARC encourages you to consider becoming a volunteer or a foster pet parent. By getting animals into foster homes, shelters have more space for additional animals as they enter the shelter system across Houston. 

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