Monday, 26 September 2016 15:45

HTV to display service requests during City Council meetings

From the Mayor's Office of Communications

Reflecting Mayor Turner's priorities of accountability and transparency, HTV will scroll performance information about the top 10 service requests made to the 311 Helpline along the bottom of the screen.  The scroll includes the average closure time and whether it has increased or decreased from the month before.

“At its core, the city is a service organization, and 311 is the primary gateway through which citizens ask for and receive non-emergency services,” said Mayor Turner.  “It is critical those requests are fulfilled in a timely manner, represent the highest quality of customer service and are continuously improved upon.  It is equally important to serve citizens in the most transparent way possible.  We have to show them how long we are taking to respond.”

Performance-based budgeting has been the cornerstone of Mayor Turner’s administration, specifically the reassessment of service level agreements to ensure that citizens and elected officials are able to accurately gauge the productivity of each department.  The City’s goal is to continuously improve operations with the assistance of department directors and the public.

“I believe that the citizens of Houston deserve the best quality of service from their government and I look forward to demonstrating the constant improvements the departments make,” said Turner.

The dashboard listing the performance rates for all 311 service requests can be found here  Mayor's 311 Performance Dashboard.   


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