Tuesday, 23 February 2016 13:50

HTV announces two new television series

Tune into Houston Television to watch two new television series:

Animal Life hosted by Meera Nandlal is an investigative webisode created to uncover, explore and assist in the eradication Houston’s pet overpopulation epidemic.

Many of these animals are victims of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. Some have even been used as bait in dog fighting rings or just dumped on the streets by their former owners. Others are lost and have never been reunited with their owners because they are not micro-chipped or wearing a collar with identification tags.

In upcoming webisodes, the shpw will explore how to live in peaceful coexistence with native Texas wildlife and explain the consequences of owning a wild animal. Through education, Houston and Harris County can set an example of what it means to be animal friendly.


In Conversations with Larry Payne, longtime seasoned local television host Larry Payne takes viewers on a journey of understanding reason and meaning are the new currency of living, working, and growing together in the new Houston of today and tomorrow. 


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