Thursday, 17 December 2015 16:34

Marina Mendoza’s quick action aids choking colleague


 Administrative Supervisor Marina Mendoza’s training to provide aid to choking victims made a big difference at lunch earlier in December.

 Mendoza and HR Supervisor Christine Gallegos were at lunch when Gallegos realized she had some food stuck in her throat. A tortilla chip had caught while she was swallowing. It was painful and caused breathing problems.

 Seeing that Gallegos was gasping to breath, Mendoza quickly went to her friend’s aid and began performing the Heimlich maneuver.

 “I want to give kudos to Marina Mendoza for saving my life at lunch today,” a grateful Gallegos wrote. “She effectively gave me the Heimlich maneuver because I was choking and could not take a breath. She was confident that she could do it, and indeed I was able to have the small piece of tortilla chip dislodged from my throat and was able to take a breath.

 “I am forever grateful to her for her assistance and confidence without fear to take action.”

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