Thursday, 19 November 2015 09:12

BARC on track to reach 90 percent live release goal

BARC set a goal to find homes to save 90 percent of animals in its care in November. 

BARCIn October, BARC set an ambitions goal for the month of November: Save 90 percent of the animals in its care through adoptions, trap-neuter-return, foster/rescue, and return-to-owner programs.  

With only a week left to go in November, BARC Outreach Manager Ashtyn Rivet reported that the goal is within reach.

As of Nov. 17, BARC had reached a 93.8 percent save rate for November including 464 adoptions and 452 transfers/rescues in the past 17 days. Comparatively, BARC had a 59.6 percent save rate at this time last year.  

"We are really excited about the success that we have seen with this endeavor so far," Rivet said. "Our staff and volunteers have really collaborated to make this dream a reality. We have a great team and the community support has been wonderful. We look forward to seeing the end results – we are very hopeful and optimistic at this point."

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