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HFD Steps

Civil Service Exam – The CSE consists of basic Reading and Math comprehension. 

Start the application process by completing an online application and emailing the following documents to hfdhiringproces@houstontx.gov.

  1. Transcript(s) to verify the required 15 accredited hours or
  2. DD214 military documents to verify 2 years of active duty with an honorable discharge

Qualified applicants will receive a study guide.


At this time all applicants should begin submitting all required immunization records to the HFD Infection Control Office by email at hfdinfectioncontrol@houstontx.gov using the provided cover sheet. 

Follow the immunization instructions and requirements in the immunization packet.

HFD Steps

The Physical Ability Test consists of two separate components.

The first component is a series of tasks designed to assess important physical abilities necessary for effective job performance as a firefighter. The second component is a 1.5 mile run.

Read more information on (PAT) and review information on location

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Background checks are required. 

Please fill out all information that is requested by IdentoGo. Fingerprints must be completed within 7 days of taking the civil service exam.

Go to the IdentoGo website to start your background check. 

HFD Steps

Required processing documents must be submitted to your assigned recruiter for review.

All documentation provided will be reviewed for consistency, accuracy and authenticity at the interview. 

Review the HFD required documents checklist.

HFD Steps

A background investigation will be conducted. 

Residential, employment, educational, military, criminal history and driving record (state and national checks) will be completed on each applicant. 

Please contact the HFD recruiting office for more details. 

HFD Steps

Complete the new hire paperwork, drug test, medical exam, physical exam and uniform fitting.

Please review the academy cadet job requirements packet before attending class.

HFD Steps

Training in the HFD Academy

Eight to ten months of daily rigorous physical training and classroom instruction in preparation for the Fire Certification and EMS Certification exams and National Registry.

HFD Steps

Graduate from the HFD Academy

Successfully obtained Fire and EMS Certifications. Passed the National Registry.