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The Houston Fire Department is excited to offer a $5,000 Hiring Incentive to all hires, Certified and Non-Certified individuals, during their employment in the training academy.


Work/Life Balance

The Houston Fire Department has a very unique work schedule that lends effectively to work/life balance.

HFD offers 4 shifts (A, B, C and D) 

Each shift works the following schedule:

  • 24 Hours On
  • 24 Off
  • 24 Hours On
  • 5 Days Off Until The Next Shift

This equates to working approximately 9 days a month or 108/365 days of the year.



Salary is based on 26 equal pay periods: Beginning 07/8/2023




Firefighter Trainee  $1,384.62  $36,000  
Probationary Firefighter  $1,840.14 $47,843
1st Year Firefighter  $1,993.95  $51,842
2nd Year Firefighter  $2,097.62 $54,538
3rd, 4th Year Firefighter  $2,207.49 $57,394
5th, 6th, 7th Year Firefighter  $2,345.11 $60,972
8th, 9th, 10th Year Firefighter  $2,411.55 $62,700
Specialty Premium Pay Bi-Weekly Annual
Bilingual Pay  $69.23  $1,800
Emergency Medical Technician  $100.00  $2,600
Paramedic Restricted  $115.38  $3,000
Paramedic Unrestricted  $276.92  $7,200
Training Incentive Pay Bi-Weekly Annual
Intermediate Certification $41.55 $1,080
Advanced Certification $73.86 $1,920
Master’s Certification $92.08 $2,394



For more information about medical benefits visit the COH Benefits main page.


HFD Steps

Civil Service Exam – The CSE consists of basic Reading and Math comprehension. 

Start the application process by completing an online application and emailing the following documents to

  1. Transcript(s) to verify the required 15 accredited hours or
  2. DD214 military documents to verify 2 years of active duty with an honorable discharge

Qualified applicants will receive a study guide.


At this time all applicants should begin submitting all required immunization records to the HFD Infection Control Office by email at using the provided cover sheet. 

Follow the immunization instructions and requirements in the immunization packet.