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Houston Police Retired Officers Association Executive Director Anthony Kivela expressed his appreciation for Human Resources Director Jane Cheeks attending the recent HPROA reunion.

He recently wrote this to the mayor’s office to express his gratitude: 

Director Cheeks, 

Please thank your team for attending the Houston Police Retired Officers Association’s (HPROA) recent reunion. There were constantly members receiving assistance at the table that they set up, and the feedback that I received was extremely positive. In fact, the HPROA board of directors was hoping to have one or more of your team members attend our monthly meetings on a quarterly or semi-annual basis. They are held at 607 E. Whitney on the second Thursday of each month. 

The team members who attended were Yvonne Norwood, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Sayyed Hagihasani. In fact, Ms. Norwood gave a presentation to the 165 members who were present, and she did an exceptional job. The members had the opportunity to ask her what could have been very difficult questions. There were none. 

It’s a testament to YOUR hard work to collaborate with all employee organizations when there were no negative questions or comments. It was a very positive experience for all who were assisted! I can’t thank you personally enough for the years of hard work that you put into attaining this relationship. It is much valued. 

Please thank your team on behalf of me and from the entire HPROA, and a big thank you to you as well. 


Anthony Kivela, Executive Director 

Houston Police Retired Officers Association