image of hpw water bill improvement plan

The City of Houston introduced a comprehensive plan to help customers from receiving inaccurate water bills. Mayor John Whitmire on April 1 announced the plan at a press conference stating single-family residential customers will have set usage calculated, which will be reflected in their May bill. 

This set usage will provide customers with consistent water bills while Houston Public Works makes necessary improvements to ensure the accuracy of each customer’s monthly water usage readings.

To get an idea of how it is going so far, look no further than this letter received by a Houston resident named Rachel Hlavenka, who wrote this to email to city hall on April 8: 


Good morning,

I wanted to share positive feedback about the service we received this morning. I know that sometimes bad feedback is shared more than good feedback.

This morning at 4 a.m., my 75-year-old mom woke up with no water. We initiated a case via the website, a representative called me back for clarification, a second person called back to say they were sending someone out and at 8:45 am the issue was resolved. I called back customer service, and they explained the issue further and everything was great.

Both representatives were kind and attentive. I appreciate the service and resolution.


Take care.


Another Houston resident, Mike McElroy, also expressed his gratitude about the city addressing his belief that the water bill that he said was 18 times higher than other Texas cities. He reached out to City of Houston Communications Director Mary Benton, who connected him with a contact at Houston Public Works. This is what he wrote about the experience:


Hello Ms. Benton,

The purpose of this note is to offer my sincere appreciation for your help yesterday!

Debra Vincent, Houston Water Department, called me today, and she was wonderful as we discussed the water bill situation in Houston!


Thank you again! 
Mike McElroy