image of gavel on money

The Safe Harbor Court seeks to help defendants who are unable to pay their fines and fees due to financial hardships stemming from the pandemic.

Evidence OF hardships caused by COVID-19 include bank statements, eviction notices, food stamps, WIC, CHIP, SSI TANF, and other items the judge’s request.  

A Houston man trying to get his life back on track was able to use this program when he needed it most. Here is his testimony: 

My name is Jesus Quinones. I applied for the safe harbor court program I needed help paying a ticket. I’ve been homeless since Aug. 7, and I graduated from Commercial Driver’s License school in December.  

The problem was I couldn’t obtain my CDL in the mail until I paid of the last ticket. Thank you to safe harbor court and judge De la Garza of Houston Municipal Court Department for helping me waive the ticket now I can get my CDL and find a job.  


Jesus Quiones.