image of pothole

Mary Alvarez of Houston appears to be satisfied with the responsiveness of the new administration. She wanted to share her experiences with City Savvy readers. This is what she wrote to Correspondence & Constituent Services Division Manager Veronica E. Weatherspoon: 


Ms. Weatherspoon,  

What a shock for me!  First, I have now had three interactions with personnel involving this NEW administration.  I honestly don’t know what to think.  Perhaps I’ve fallen asleep and am dreaming.  

First, in all three interactions, I have been treated like a real human being.  I’ve been addressed in a professional manner, in a timely manner and with my concerns addressed. This is something new.  I had many interactions with the ‘previous’ administration and I’ll assure you; this was not the ‘norm’!  

Secondly, as I left very early this morning for work (yes, I’m 74 and still working) I edged over to the right side of my street near the Lee Rd. intersection, expecting the 2-foot pothole to be waiting for my tire, and, low and behold, there was no pothole!  Somehow, sometime between 10 am yesterday when I sent you an email and 6 am this morning, that pothole had disappeared!  Perhaps I dreamed there was a pothole there as well. Amazing!  

Thirdly, on my way back home from work, there happened to be a City of Houston Public Works vehicle parked at the end of my street by the Lee Rd. intersection.  I stopped and rolled down my window and the City Employee rolled his down.  I enquired as to whether he had had anything to do with the magically disappearing pothole and he replied that he had not, but he was getting an order to replace the stop sign at the end of the road.  It has been down for about a month now.  He was incredibly polite, very ‘upbeat’ about this new administration and it was quite a pleasant and encouraging interchange between us.  

I hope I don’t wake up and learn this is all a dream!  

Thank you so much for your professional and timely response to my concern about the pothole.  How totally refreshing!  I’ve been looking for 4 years now for a place to move to get out of this city which I have lived in nearly all my life.  Perhaps there is hope for it yet.  


Thanks again,  
Mary Alvarez