Mayor Sylvester Turner 300Things are different and they may never return to what we once knew.

One thing remains the same though, and that’s the power of GIVING. Giving time, giving effort, giving grace, giving to those who are need.

This year, the 2021 “Give & Grow” Combined Municipal Campaign aims to give to homeless families and animals, to the cancer research foundations and to the disadvantaged youth, the hope that better days are coming. I am confident City of Houston employees can help facilitate this.

We have over 900 total agencies registered with the CMC and year after year, City employees give their time and give their money to various fundraisers held across all 25 departments. Two years ago, we were just $40,000 shy of pledging $1 million dollars and last year, we pledged $935,000.

I know the pandemic we are living in has made us have to adjust more than we are comfortable. I know the uncertainty of the future has made it difficult to see the positives all around us. I ask through this that you continue to GIVE.

If you each give $2 per paycheck, we can raise $1 million dollars; if you can’t, patronize one or more of the food sale fundraisers or competitive events that take place during the campaign. For those of you feeling generous, commit to giving 1% or more of your salary to become a member of the Above & Beyond Club. There are 200 of you in this club and your generosity doesn’t go unnoticed.