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Based on operational needs, applicants with an active Fire certification AND an active EMT certification prior to job offer date, are eligible for Incentive Pay if the Houston Fire Department initiates a Fast-Track class. $2,500 Fire and EMT certifications or $3,000 Fire and EMT Paramedic certifications.



Compensation is based on 26 equal pay periods: Beginning 07/01/2021




Firefighter Trainee  $1,384.62  $36,000 
Probationary Firefighter  $1,637.72  $42,562 
1st Year Firefighter  $1,774.61 $46,124 
2nd Year Firefighter  $1,866.88  $48,516 
3rd, 4th Year Firefighter  $1,964.66  $51,064 
5th, 6th, 7th Year Firefighter  $2,087.14  $54,262 
8th, 9th, 10th Year Firefighter  $2,146.27  $55,796 
Engineer Operator 3rd & 4th Year  $2,499.57  $64,974
Captain, Communications Captain, Inspector, Investigator, Mechanic 5th thru 9th Year $2,620.36  $68,120 
Specialty Premium Pay Bi-Weekly Annual 
Bilingual Pay  $69.23  $1,800 
Emergency Medical Technician  $100.00  $2,600 
Paramedic Restricted  $115.38  $3,000 
Paramedic Unrestricted  $276.92  $7,200 


For more information about medical benefits visit the COH Benefits main page.