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The Houston Fire Department is excited to offer a $5,000.00 Hiring Incentive to all hires. Certified or Non-Certified individuals will receive the $5,000.00 Hiring Incentive.  Firefighter Trainee’s will receive the Hiring Incentive during training at the academy.



A City of Houston Firefighter has many rewards, financially and personally. The City of Houston offers an exceptional Benefits package.

Compensation is based on 26 equal pay periods: Beginning 07/9/2022




Firefighter Trainee  $1,384.62  $36,000 
Probationary Firefighter  $1,735.98  $45,135
1st Year Firefighter  $1,881.08 $48,906 
2nd Year Firefighter  $1,978.89  $51,428 
3rd, 4th Year Firefighter  $2,082.54  $54,132 
5th, 6th, 7th Year Firefighter  $2,212.37 $57,512 
8th, 9th, 10th Year Firefighter  $2,275.04 $59,150
Engineer Operator 3rd & 4th Year  $2,649.55 $68,874
Captain, Communications Captain, Inspector, Investigator, Mechanic 5th thru 9th Year $2,786.23  $72,436 
Specialty Premium Pay Bi-Weekly Annual 
Bilingual Pay  $69.23  $1,800 
Emergency Medical Technician  $100.00  $2,600 
Paramedic Restricted  $115.38  $3,000 
Paramedic Unrestricted  $276.92  $7,200 


For more information about medical benefits visit the COH Benefits main page.