After 31 years with the city, Buster, deputy assistant director of the office management support branch, is retiring.

Spend a day on the job with Michael Walter, public information officer for the Office of Emergency Management, which coordinates information and resources across city departments and emergency response agencies.

If that can of Dinty Moore beef stew in your hurricane kit looks unappealing, never fear. The Department of Health and Human Services serves up gourmet quality recipes made from nonperishables. 

City employees share their secrets to relaxing, reducing stress and finding balance in life: creating art. Check out our gallery of employee art.

Finding Rover, a new facial recognition app will improve the way BARC reunites lost dogs and owners.

Houston's homeless might feel forgotten, but they are not. A special police unit gives new meaning to Houston's finest — officers whose mission is serving and protecting the most vulnerable among us.

Former Mayor Bob Lanier’s passing in December produced not only expressions of sorrow but unleashed a flood of fond stories that illustrated his affable personality and how he made Houston a better place.

With spirits, ghouls, the dead and undead about to emerge center stage on Halloween, we thought it was appropriate to take a look at one of Houston’s best-kept secrets: the National Museum of Funeral History.

From misdemeanors to matrimony, the Municipal Courthouse sees them all. Municipal Courts began offering wedding ceremonies last year.

After work, city employee goes undercover as a published novelist

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