From misdemeanors to matrimony, the Municipal Courthouse sees them all. Municipal Courts began offering wedding ceremonies last year.

After work, city employee goes undercover as a published novelist

311 agents temporarily trade phone calls for practical field experience to improve customer service.

SWD expands availability of extremely popular single-stream recycling carts

Houston's homeless pets are going where?  Check out innovative BARC programs that save animals and control the population. 

The city of Houston is embarking on a fresh approach to persistent homelessness. Accessing federal funds to build apartments will give people living on the streets for more than a year a place to call home.

Drug addiction was behind Freddie Johnson's two decades of homelessness. But when he put crack cocaine behind him and moved into a low-cost apartment complex, he became living proof that homeless prevention efforts really do work.

A lot has to go just right in order to find "the right one." But the holiday tree matchmakers did a great job this year.

Thursday, 21 November 2013 10:00

Bethel remains a beacon in Freedmen's Town

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Once a cornerstone of this historic neighborhood, Bethel M.B. Church is now the foundation of city's newest park

Tuesday, 19 November 2013 08:53

Brenda Scott answers a higher calling

Brenda Scott has worked here for 25 years and has risen to the position of deputy assistant director of Housing and Community Development. Her position as the pastor of a local church is a higher calling.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013 08:50

Blazing trails, fighting blazes

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A new Houston Fire Department program offers to bring more females into the pipeline. And there are some takers out there. 

Shady Lane Park has received an extreme makeover and has been transformed into a Northside neighborhood's refuge.

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