Friday, 17 November 2023 13:42

‘Do you miss it?’

Reflecting on Veterans Day, a retired Army service member now with the City of Houston reflects on a life in military service 

HAS employee achieves balance in his life by helping Afghan refugee children, performing open mic poetry 

MOPD director has a simple message: the disability community matters.

HPD Lion Dance Team bridges Asian culture, neighborhood-oriented policing

Training showcases disaster and emergency response tactics to communicators outside of their specialties. 

New campaign kicked off Oct. 2

Tuesday, 19 September 2023 09:42

A love language for those in need

Luiz Lozada’s love for Spanish language allows him to help non-English speakers as a court interpreter 

Mayor’s Office for Veterans and Military Affairs addresses veteran housing challenges during Houton Stand Down event, former Army soldier shares her story

What started as a work policy soon turned into a life-changing career

Kimberly Hammond’s love for art fuels her passion for creating art car projects

Chick Raborn took a final visit with his family to the Mason Aquatic Center 

Hire Houston Youth Program exceeds 20,000 participants who learn valuable job skills

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