Village multipurpose center

Housing and Community Development Director Neal Rackleff and Council Member Dave Martin joined State Representative Dan Huberty and Village Learning Center Board Members on Thursday, Aug. 13, for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Village Multipurpose Building located at 3838 Plum Valley Drive in Kingwood.

This new 16,000 square building offers additional much needed space for up to 150 individuals with disabilities. The Village Learning Center services individuals with disabilities serving over 300 clients with stimulating activities and life-skills training.

The new facility expands vocational education/training and speech therapies activities to include additional classroom space, indoor recreation center, gymnasium and a workout/exercise room. HCDD provided $3 million in Community Development Block grant to support this project.

For the second time, Houston Fire Department soccer team competed in the World Police and Fire Games over the summer.  Ten HFD players traveled to Virginia to compete in a week long competition against fellow public servants.  To bolster numbers, players from Nassau County Police joined the team.  Team DSCN4622

The tournament ended with a 2-2 record, having defeated the Indiana State Police and FBI-Washington.  The tournament started off with a loss to a very strong NYPD team, who ended up winning the gold in our division.  After finishing second in group play, HFD Soccer was ultimately knocked out by Northern Virginia Police and Fire.  

In 2013, this biennial tournament was held in Belfast, N. Ireland.  HFD Soccer sent a team of eight to compete in the 5v5 soccer tournament.  They competed against teams from Northern Ireland, Mexico, Brazil and New Caledonia.  After advancing out of group play, HFD Soccer was knocked out by Las Vegas Fire, the only other US team in the competition.  

In addition to the World Games, HFD Soccer competes in the Texas Firefighter Summer Games every summer, and has won a medal each time for the past eight years.  Players from all levels of experience and from stations across the city participate.  The team hones its skills while playing indoor soccer and having practices throughout the year.  All costs are out of pocket,  so the team hosts several fundraisers and sells HFD Soccer merchandise to help keep the costs down.  

Forget the image you have about shelter dogs. Take a look at BARC's new adoption center that puts its best paw forward.

With 63 years of service, Edward A. Thomas was the longest-serving officer in HPD history. HPD honored his legacy by renaming headquarters after Mr. Thomas, just two weeks before his death.

Houston Firefighters Captain Brad Hawthorne and Engineer Operator Dwayne Wyble have been selected as “2014 Firehouse Heroism Award” Honorees from “Firehouse Magazine” for their heroic actions in March of last year.

Fire Chief Terry Garrison presented the awards to the crew of Tower 18 on July 2, 2015. Firefighters Luis Bernal and Luis Gonzalez also received recognition from Firehouse Magazine for their efforts during the incident.

More about the incident: On March 25, 2014, Ladder 18 responded to a fire in the area of West Dallas and Montrose. As the crew of Ladder 18 began their operations, there was a small amount of smoke coming from the building, however within seconds the smoke turned rapidly moving fire. While putting the ladder to the roof, they spotted someone emerge on a 5th floor balcony.

Captain Hawthorne was on the tip of the ladder and viewed the roof. Engineer Operator Wyble moved the ladder in the direction of the victim with the Captain and the other two firefighters still on the ladder. They had to move fast because of the rapid spread of the fire.

The fire was venting through the door as the trapped person grabbed the ledge of the patio and swung himself down to the 4th floor patio. The adder reached the 4th floor and the Captain made his way to the very tip of the ladder as the trapped construction worker climbed onto the ladder.

Once the rescued person was with the Captain, Wyble quickly moved the ladder to away from the building due to the extreme heat. Within seconds and while still moving the ladder away from the building, the roof and 5th floor had a catastrophic collapse sending burning debris on to the 4th floor the building.

The collapse nearly missed the Captain and victim, landing within a few feet of the rear of the ladder truck. The Captain and construction worker were able to safely exit the ladder once they reached a safe distance from the building. It was a mere 4 minutes from the start of the aerial operations to the collapse.

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