Working nights and odd hours can test employees’ effectiveness, alertness, rest and health.

Get the inside story about the City Savvy cartoon character and the man who draws him.

As flood waters rose, BARC employees stayed behind to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Multiple city departments collaborated to ensure supplies reached Houstonians in need.

Harvey was a hurricane of historic proportions, but Houstonians turned to modern-day communications to stay informed and connected throughout the storm and recovery. 

Houston Public Library stepped up to offer temporary free childcare for employees.

Joseph Dowell, a temporary PWE facilities maintenance employee, perished in Harvey’s floodwaters.

The Houston Police Department lost Sergeant Steve Perez, a 34-year veteran, to Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters.

Trigger left his troubles in the dust when he rode off into the sunset with BARC animal enforcement officer Elisa Salazar.

Emancipation Park, Houston’s oldest public park, received a $33.6 million makeover just in time for Juneteenth celebrations.

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