A new Health Department program is working to reduce the social distance between residents and law enforcement. 

Curbside glass recycling is back, but the new FCC facility brings so much more to the community — cost savings, jobs and environmental education.

Officer Nestor Garcia makes a triumphant return to full duty in January after multiple life-threatening injuries and 16 months of rehabilitation.

Employees from 311, BARC and HPD teamed up to tame a wild situation.

Landmarks in African-American history and culture can be found from one end of Houston to the other.

The government shutdown is over for now, but the City of Houston set the stage to help our fellow public servants.

Spend a day on the job with a Houston Public Works pothole repair crew.

Employees' generosity benefits many local and national charitable organizations.

Browse through some of our favorite City Savvy articles from the past year.

The Houston Police Department, Houston Public Works and a multi-agency task force worked together to prevent the spread of illegally dumped chemicals.

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