The government shutdown is over for now, but the City of Houston set the stage to help our fellow public servants.

Spend a day on the job with a Houston Public Works pothole repair crew.

Employees' generosity benefits many local and national charitable organizations.

The Houston Police Department, Houston Public Works and a multi-agency task force worked together to prevent the spread of illegally dumped chemicals.

Filmed at Prison Break Tattoos, owned by HPD Sgt. Bryan Kleven’s, "Hero Ink," airs at 9 p.m. (CT) on Thursday, June 6 on the A&E cable network.

 Spend a day on the job with Planning and Development Department’s Matthew Kriegl.

Over the past year a hiring initiative created temporary jobs helping Harvey recovery. For some, it lead to full-time work with the city.

The HFD Marine Group is training firefighters across the city to prepare for future flooding events.

Saddle up as we join HITS Project Manager Dawn Knapp behind the scenes of the Salt Grass Trail.

Working for the City of Houston brought Shannon and George Rodriguez together.

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