Wednesday, 22 June 2022 09:42

COH celebrates spring graduates


It’s that time of year again where we honor our City of Houston employees who pursued their education goals while holding down full or part-time employment with us.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to attend college or university and graduate with a degree… a means of moving up professionally in your chosen career, the expectation handed down from your family, the desire to be the first in your family to obtain a college degree and start a new legacy, or simply just to say, “I could.”

None of those reasons matter… what does matter is the personal satisfaction and gratification you get when you put on your cap and gown, wear that custom-made stole, walk (or stroll, dance, etc.) across the stage to get your degree in your hand, high-five or chest bump the chancellor and guest speaker, show all the way out before exiting stage right, and then flipping your tassel from one side to the other.

That’s graduation life, y’all.

So, in the spirit of the old Budweiser presents, “Real Men of Genius” commercials, we offer you this little gem:

City Savvy presents, “Real Employees of Genius” (REAL EMPLOYEES OF GEEENNIIIUUUSSSS…)

Here’s to you,  COH college graduate! (COH COLLEGE GRAAADDDUUUAAAATTEEEE!!)

You put that work in, even when you felt like you wouldn’t reach your goal. (SO CLOSE! yet so FAR AWAYYY!!!)

Late nights, weekends, year-round, sometimes sacrificing after work happy hour get togethers! (TWO FOR ONE CHILI CHEESE NACHOS AND BUFFALO WINGS ARE YOUR THIINNNGGG!)

Completing your major paper and your kid’s science project shows you’re a multi-tasking whiz!! (I CAN DO IT ALLLLLLL!!!!)

And you STILL managed to run your team’s work project effectively and efficiently to perfection (I DIDN’T GET FIRED!)

Now you’ve got that degree …and better opportunities await. Congratulations and throw your cap in the air! You deserve it! (FLYING HIGH!!!)

So, congratulations graduate… now go take on the world! (COH COLLEGE GRAAADDDUUUAAAATTEEEE!!)

Listed below are this Spring’s City of Houston graduates.

Kendryc David photo 2 webJustice Dominics (Staff Epidemiologist- Generalist, COVID-19 Response|General Outbreak/Jails, City of Houston Health Department) 

Lamar University, Master of Public Health

What completing your degree taught you: Obtaining my master’s degree opened my eyes in so many ways, because I never saw myself coming this far. It has taught me that I can accomplish anything and persevere through all cost.’

Steven Guillory webDr. Steven T. Guillory, Jr. (Safety Division Manager)

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. in Safety Sciences (Magna Cum Laude)

What has completing your degree taught you? Completing this terminal degree exposed me to all disciplines relative to safety, health, and environmental applied sciences, academic research, and statistical analysis. My doctoral research provided me with insights on health capital theory and population-based preventative medicine strategy. In doing so, I gained a better understanding of the return on investment of comprehensive workplace wellness programs and the many benefits of their integration with occupational health and safety programs (i.e. Total Worker Health). Although the focal points of my study are fire and emergency services (firefighters, EMS, etc.), all organizations and industries will be able to benefit from its findings.

Kendryc Davis (Wastewater Inspector, Wastewater Operations Branch)

Lone Star College North Harris, Associates of Arts Degree in Business Management

What completing your degree taught you: Completing my degree has taught me that education opens you up to a whole world of opportunities. It also showed me that I can accomplish anything I put my mind too. With that being said, I intend to take it a step further by working toward my bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Priscilla Brown webPriscilla Brown (Contract Compliance Officer, Houston Water, Houston Public Works)

College/University: University of Houston Downtown, Bachelor of Social Science, minor in History

What completing your degree taught you: Completing my degree has taught me patience and to never give up on your goals.

Luci Rodriguez Headshot webLuci Rodriguez (Internal Communications Manager, Houston Airport System)

University of Houston, M.A. in Communication-PR, GPA 4.0. 

What completing your degree taught you: Just like our airports, the Houston Airport System (HAS) Careers Site needed to grow and get an upgrade.  As a department of the City of Houston, HAS values diversity, inclusion and innovation. There is room to grow your career at HAS with a variety of positions, ranging from engineers and environmentalists to operations airside coordinators and art curator.   

Donisha Anderson webDonisha Anderson (HPW – Inspection and Compliance CSR II)

Eastern Gateway Community College, Associate of Applied Business in Business Management / Associate of Applied Science in Healthcare Administration

What completing your degree taught you: Completing my degree has taught me to never give up on my goals. 

Trammell McKnight webTrammell McKnight, Senior Police Officer, Houston Police Department

Texas Southern University, Master’s in Administration of Justice

What completing your degree taught you: One thing brought to light by my studies at TSU is the issues with race and the judicial system. I am compelled to fight the injustices of our judicial system and the continued systemic racism in society.

Rhonda Morris webDr. Rhonda Morries (Public Health Nurse IV, Houston Health Department, Office of Chronic Disease, Health Education & Wellness)

Grand Canyon University, Doctoral of Nursing Practices

What completing your degree taught you: Learning to be flexible, time management and organizational skill, in depth research & editing, seek leadership roles to educate in nursing, chronic diseases, infection prevention and mentor, motivational in inspiring useful information to thrive and live a healthier, safer, quality life.

WDPaul Graduation Announcement webWilliam David Paul

University of Houston – Downtown, Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences – Safety Management, Field of Interest: Safety

What completing your degree taught you: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) To be successful in life, the five P’s must exist: Patience, Persistence, Perseverance, Passion and Purpose. Safety Quote: “It takes leadership to improve safety.”

Resized Resized 20220614 105610 webCharles E. Bauer 

Western Governors University, Master of Science, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

What completing your degree taught you:  Earning my master’s degree was a very rewarding process. I attended classes while working full-time for the City of Houston, so time management was crucial, and I learned that it is ok to ask for help. Planning is important, but following that plan is even more so.  The course work taught me to be more vigilant in protecting data and systems.  

Kechi Hainsworth Watson webKechi’ Hainsworth-Watson

Texas Tech University, Professional Master’s in Environmental Sustainability & Natural Resource Management 

What completing your degree taught you: This degree has taught me that anything is possible as long as you give it 100%. Also, by obtaining this degree it has made me more aware of the environmental problems and how the public needs to be more aware and educated on these matters.

Kat Mcelroy photo webKatherine L. M. McElroy

Lamar University (May 2022), Master of Business Administration in Business

What completing your degree taught you: Obtaining and completing my MBA in Business has taught me how to be more interdependent, how to synergize, gave me the understanding of different cultures in the business sector, and taught me how to work in the SAP/ERP system.

Working in Law Enforcement, I have developed and built relationships with my co-workers, but working daily with a group of people (me working on the joint task force), I have grown to become interdependent of other Law Enforcement agencies to fight against crime and gun violence in the Southern District of Texas. Synergizing has taught me; with combine efforts, we as an organization will achieve more and will do better for the society and city we live in. Houston is a very diverse and multicultural city. The knowledge I obtained was very helpful when interacting and understanding different cultures and how different cultures operate in the business sector. SAP/ERP allowed me to see examples of how the City of Houston receive goods and service and process payroll along with other procurements duties.