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Sharon Malveaux changes lives one youth at a time

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For Sharon Malveaux, it’s all about the youth. “I really enjoy building youth self-esteem and self -confidence so they can create a path to independence and help someone else,” she said.

Malveaux, a workforce development manager for the Human Resources Department who works in the compliance and special projects division, has spent more than a decade volunteering for nonprofit organizations that focus on helping youth in need and uplifting communities through mentorship and prayer. 

“My parents taught us it’s better to give than to receive,” she said. “We always helped and gave back to the community or made a difference for people around us.” 

This life lesson has guided Malveaux’s volunteerism and career in public service. It also earned her a Bravo award in May.

“Serving others, especially youth is her passion and her life's work,” said Velma Laws, a special projects coordinator for HR.

Giving back

Malveaux is also co-founder of the Wishing Well Ministry, a faith-based program designed to reach out to young women in the community.  She meets with participants bi-weekly to offer guidance and help build their confidence to cope with life challenges. 

“I encourage and motivate young mothers to get back up and reach for the stars and earn their high school diplomas, certifications, and college degrees,” she said. 

“Ms. Malveaux is a very hardworking and caring person,” said Minister Patience Harris of the Wishing Well Ministry. “She helps to build their confidence in handling and coping with matters of broken relationships, loss of family, employment and other social issues.”

Malveaux also volunteers with the Family Life Christian Center, a nonprofit faith-based organization that helps to rebuild families and strengthen their relationship with the church.

“I’m the treasurer and develop and implement all youth and young adult activities and workshops,” she said.

As an active member of the Mamie Charity Club, Malveaux volunteers with youth activities, scholarships, and offers support to members in need. 

Malveaux also helps at-risk girls as a volunteer with Young Mother’s Don’t Quit, a nonprofit that helps to empower young mothers, girls, and their families. 

“Each of these nonprofits offer a service that is needed and very dear to me,” she said of her volunteerism.

Malveaux said her volunteerism and career in public service align seamlessly.

“My role with the city and my volunteerism goes hand-in-hand with mentoring, coaching and sponsoring youth and young adults, offering job readiness, workforce development and life skills training,” she said. 

Malveaux manages serval initiatives aimed at helping youth succeed, including HR’s Grow Your Own Workforce, which helps to oversee the hiring process for more than 400 interns across various city departments.

She also manages the Hire Houston Youth program that connects youth to local jobs where they are empowered with an “earn and learn” opportunity. 

“Managing these programs requires direct contact with parents, students, interns, department representatives and community partners,” Laws said. “She is widely respected among all sectors and is a trusted confidant of many of the youth we serve, often providing them with a direct line of communication.”

“She gives real world counsel and advice to help keep them on a productive path,” Law said.

Malveaux offers this advice to those looking to get involved in the community.

“Be committed, but don’t over commit your schedule,” she said. “Consider the skills you have to offer…consider volunteering as a family.”