The Combined Municipal Campaign allows city employees to demonstrate their strong sense of community by supporting environmental, health and social welfare issues that concern the citizens of Houston.


Want to organize an fund for your fundraiser? You can find the steps here!

You can create your own Bright Funds Fund to showcase the causes you care about and encourage others to support them too! To create a new Fund, simply go to your Explore page, and you'll see the option to Start a Fund:


On the next page, you can name your Fund and create a headline as to why you created this Fund, and what it is addressing.


Note: A Fund can only be composed of nonprofit organizations that are currently eligible on the Bright Funds platform. Any Fund that directs donors to an external fundraising site or personal account will be closed.


Note for Fundraisers

If your Fund is for a fundraiser or race, we recommend naming your Fund that identifies the fundraiser or the participant (ex: Joan Smith's 2023 Fundraiser for St. Jude, Participant ID #12345).


Next, select the nonprofits you'd like to include in your Fund. You can search by name or registration number, and use the country drop-down to search within your country of choice.

Reminder: Nonprofits must be eligible in Bright Funds to be added to the Fund. This is required in order for donations to be made to a Fund.


For each nonprofit you add, you can include a quick description of why you are including them in your Fund. You can add as many nonprofits as you like, but 3 - 6 is a good number. Donations to your Fund will be split evenly between the nonprofits. For example, if your Fund has 2 nonprofits and you donate $100, each nonprofit will receive $50. 


To finish up, select the category that best describes your Fund, and upload an image for your Fund. You can also add a fundraising goal, which is optional (the amount would be in USD). Then, click Create Fund.


Congratulations - you just created a Bright Funds Fund! 🎉 


Track your progress right from your Fund page:


If you'd like others to be able to see your Fund and donate to it - click the 'Make fund public' button. Click on Edit Fund to add a Fund image and make any other adjustments to your Fund page. Then, you can use the social media sharing links to share your Fund with the world!


You'll receive an email from Bright Funds each time someone donates to your Fund, with an updated total $ raised. 


Note: Disbursements of donations made to a Fund will follow the same timeline as an individual donation and match made on Bright Funds. You can view our disbursement timelines for U.S. nonprofits here.


Can I share my Fund outside my company?

If your Fund contains U.S.-based nonprofits, you can share your Fund with anyone! 


Being a part of the CMC

Demonstrating a strong sense of community by supporting issues that concern the citizens of Houston.

Hear what they are saying about the CMC!

Sandra J. Schultz, President/CEO

"Thank you for touching lives through your generosity. Every day, because of the caring hearts of friends like you, we see lives changed as Houstonians begin to live the life God has planned for them and return to work to support their families."

-Sandra J. Schultz, President/CEO
Roy G. Perry, Chairman & President

"We are grateful for your faith in the ability of this Foundation to carry out its mission of raising funds to support projects and programs at Prairie View A&M University. This is only possible because of thoughtful contributions from people like you."

-Roy G. Perry, Chairman & President