The Combined Municipal Campaign allows city employees to demonstrate their strong sense of community by supporting environmental, health and social welfare issues that concern the citizens of Houston.


Tracking time for yourself

Spent time volunteering over the weekend, or last month? Or maybe you have volunteering you'll be doing in the future? Track it on Bright Funds. 


  1. From your Bright Funds Dashboard, select New volunteer activity 
  2. Choose Track time for yourself 
  3. Search for and select the organization you volunteered with
  4. You can input past and future dates by selecting Add another date for each date volunteered, as well as the hours that you have completed or will complete
  5. Once you have completed filling out the fields, click Track this time

Once you have tracked your time, you’ll see the past volunteer hours on your profile. When each date passes for future dates you've submitted, those hours will automatically get logged onto your Bright Funds profile. 

If your company requires approval for your submitted time, it will be submitted for approval and can be found on your My Volunteering - Hours page in the meantime. Once approved, your hours will appear on your Dashboard.

Tracking time for a group

Volunteered with a group of colleagues recently? Track the time for everyone who volunteered. 

  1. From your profile, select New volunteer activity 
  2. Choose Track time for a group
  3. Search for and select the organization you volunteered with
  4. Select the date and number of hours
  5. Start typing the name or email of the colleague you volunteered with and select their name in the dropdown
  6. Continue adding attendees one by one, or upload a CSV file using the template link on the page:


  1. Describe your volunteer activity and input the location, or select the "remote" option
  2. Click Track this time
  3. The next page will start the import process. Please be sure to click "Review imported volunteers" once the button becomes available
  4. Once you review your list, you can click "Import attendees" to submit the hours



Once submitted, you should see the hours listed on your My Volunteering - Hours page. The description will note that you recorded hours for yourself (if applicable) and "X" amount of others.

Being a part of the CMC

Demonstrating a strong sense of community by supporting issues that concern the citizens of Houston.

Hear what they are saying about the CMC!

Sandra J. Schultz, President/CEO

"Thank you for touching lives through your generosity. Every day, because of the caring hearts of friends like you, we see lives changed as Houstonians begin to live the life God has planned for them and return to work to support their families."

-Sandra J. Schultz, President/CEO
Roy G. Perry, Chairman & President

"We are grateful for your faith in the ability of this Foundation to carry out its mission of raising funds to support projects and programs at Prairie View A&M University. This is only possible because of thoughtful contributions from people like you."

-Roy G. Perry, Chairman & President