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Your Rolecoordinator

As a CMC coordinator, you are volunteering your time and expertise to help your department reach this year's goals. In turn, this will help the city reach our citywide goals and give back to the community. Coordinators are the foundation of our campaign. Without your assistance, there would be no CMC. For larger departments, try dividing up coordinator duties to help keep one coordinator from getting overwhelmed.

Lead Coordinator Role

Will act as a representative for the department's CMC volunteer committee. Duties include: training and managing volunteers and fundraisers, tracking donations, and ensuring proper documentation of pledges and overall management of the departmentĀ¹s campaign. The lead coordinator will work with the director in setting contribution and participation goals for the department.

Co-Coordinator Role

Assists the lead coordinator and acts as stand-in if the lead coordinator is unavailable.


Schedules fundraising and agency events on the online CMC event calendar, schedules agencies for departmental agency fairs and disseminates information about that agency to the department, takes photos at department events, and maintains department documentation.


Manages collected donations and fundraiser monies, maintains Excel reporting form and donation reports, and performs reconciliation of all funds.


Being a part of the CMC

Demonstrating a strong sense of community by supporting issues that concern the citizens of Houston.

Coordinator resource links


We want you to work as a TEAM and have the tools to do so!


Training manual for CMC coordinators to assist with reconciliation and fundraising.
Grab a shirt, bag or a mask and sport your CMC gear to show your support.
Use the campaign logo to advertise your marketing materials during the campaign.
Need more tools to market your event, use the shirt design to show off your CMC spirit.
Use this tool when you need to write a formal letter such as requesting donations for your fundraiser.
Hang this sign when you have a fundraiser event for city employees.
For auction donations. Have them fill out the form and turn in the email notification and item into you or the CMC chair. Auction donations can also be uploaded online.
Use this tool when you are ready to document all fundraising totals and donations.

Hear what they are saying about the CMC!

Sandra J. Schultz, President/CEO

"Thank you for touching lives through your generosity. Every day, because of the caring hearts of friends like you, we see lives changed as Houstonians begin to live the life God has planned for them and return to work to support their families."

-Sandra J. Schultz, President/CEO
Roy G. Perry, Chairman & President

"We are grateful for your faith in the ability of this Foundation to carry out its mission of raising funds to support projects and programs at Prairie View A&M University. This is only possible because of thoughtful contributions from people like you."

-Roy G. Perry, Chairman & President