The Combined Municipal Campaign allows city employees to demonstrate their strong sense of community by supporting environmental, health and social welfare issues that concern the citizens of Houston.

 What is the CMC?

A: The CMC (Combined Municipal Campaign) is an annual drive to raise funds from city employees to be contributed to various charitable organizations of their choice. The campaign, conducted by city employees, begins in August and continues through the end of October.

How do I make a donation?

A: After reviewing the list of agencies, click on Make a Donation for a link to the online form and step-by-step instructions for completion. If you do not have computer access at work you may sign-up at home or you can use the blue paper form available from your department coordinator. Complete the form, cut off your receipt and return it in to your department coordinator.

What charities can I choose from?

A: There is a list of Federations which represent a number of worthy causes and a list of independent CMC Agencies on the CMC website.

What is a federation?

A: A federation is an umbrella group that represents similar charities in charitable fund drives. By joining together, they are able to keep administrative and fund-raising expenses at a minimum. There are eleven participating in this campaign:

  1. America's Best Charities (1800, 2500, 2700)
  2. America's Charities (1000)
  3. Black United Fund of Texas (1200)
  4. Community Health Charities (1300)
  5. Earth Share of Texas (1400)
  6. Global Impact (1500)
  7. Local Independent Charities (1600, 2300, 2600)
  8. Neighbor to Nation (1700)
  9. Thurgood Marshall College Fund (1900)
  10. United Negro College Fund, Inc. (2000)
  11. United Way of Greater Houston (2100)

 Does the campaign have brochures we can distribute?

A: Yes.The CMC Tribute/Agency List handbook provides information about the CMC and lists information about the federations and charities that participate in the campaign. A city employee may designate only the charities listed in the brochure. For more information, contact your department CMC coordinator.

 Why is the CMC using an online form?

A: The city is in the final phase of converting to a new ERP and many of the paper forms used by employees will be electronic. This will reduce paper waste and increase the efficiency of city functions. In an ongoing effort to make the CMC more efficient, HR has decided to use an electronic pledge form. No more Scantrons means less errors and in return, the reporting process will be simplified and reconciliation will be faster.

 What is the CMC Recognition for?

A: The CMC Recognition is a way for the CMC to thank the departments who made their goals, or challenges and to thank employees who joined the Above & Beyond by donating 1% or more of their annual salary.

 What is a one-time deduction?

A: A one-time deduction will only only be taken out of your frst paycheck in January of each year.

 How does payroll deduction work?

A: Your annual gift to a charity is deducted from your paycheck throughout the year. If you choose 24 payroll deductions, the pledge will be deducted from your paycheck every 2 weeks beginning in January.

What months will the deductions occur for this campaign?

A: The deductions will be taken out January - December. They will only come out of the regular 24 paychecks, not the 2 “extra” checks.

I'm already on a tight budget. How can I afford to give?

A: Even a modest payroll deduction can help provide vital services to care for children, protect the elderly, shelter abused women, support disaster and crisis services, and much, much more. And giving through payroll deduction makes your contribution even easier, because you can spread it over the entire year. See how much just one dollar a pay period can help.

Can I designate my contribution to a specific organization?

A: Absolutely! CMC encourages participants to make their contribution a personal and meaningful decision. You may have your gift sent to up to five different agencies - the choice is yours.

 When is the campaign?

A: The campaign sign-up is throughout the month of October of each year. Deductions from the previous year's campaign will run from January - December for each campaign year you donate.

How do I become a CMC agency?

A: We accept applications from non-profit agencies that have a 501c3 registered with the government. Applications are accepted until May 31.

Where can I get an application?

A: You can download the application from the CMC website.

How do we receive funds?

A: One-time payroll deduction payments will be mailed out in April and bi-monthly payroll deduction payments will be mailed out in quarterly installments. This year's quarterly checks will be mailed out in the months of April, July, October and January.

What can I do to get my agency more involved?

A: Each year, there is an Agency Fair held in September. This gives employees the chance to talk one-on-one with representatives and enables them to learn more about the various CMC agencies. In addition, the CMC holds an Annual Online Auction in October. Your agency can donate items and benefit from the amount raised for those items.



Being a part of the CMC

Demonstrating a strong sense of community by supporting issues that concern the citizens of Houston.

Hear what they are saying about the CMC!

Sandra J. Schultz, President/CEO

"Thank you for touching lives through your generosity. Every day, because of the caring hearts of friends like you, we see lives changed as Houstonians begin to live the life God has planned for them and return to work to support their families."

-Sandra J. Schultz, President/CEO
Roy G. Perry, Chairman & President

"We are grateful for your faith in the ability of this Foundation to carry out its mission of raising funds to support projects and programs at Prairie View A&M University. This is only possible because of thoughtful contributions from people like you."

-Roy G. Perry, Chairman & President