Caption Contest Winner - July

Paul Fagin, the July 2016 City Savvy Caption Contest winner, graciously accepted the framed copy of his cartoon earlier this month. He brought with him an audience of his Administration and Regulatory Affairs colleagues, including ARA Director Tina Paez.

A first among previous Caption Contest winners, Fagin shared this tongue-in-cheek acceptance speech with his audience:

“Thank you everyone for coming. Inspiration comes when you least expect it and one month ago I set out on an unexpected journey. To win this competition, I had to out-wit many worthy opponents. I had always suspected that I was funny, and I’m glad the voting public agrees.

Some of you may rightfully be asking yourself, “Why is this funny?” I’d like to explain three ways in which this caption is funny:

  1. Puns – the word split makes people think of the delightful ice cream treat, the banana split
  2. Irony – the punchline makes light of what’s sure to be a very tense and un-delightful situation for this group of characters; and finally
  3. Anthropomorphic Fruit – Because fruit can’t talk. That’s just silly!

But I’d like to thank my colleagues because without their support I could never have created this award-winning caption.”

Voting Open: Are you funny?

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The captions are in. Vote for your favorite by June 10. Click here to vote.

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