Are vegetables the new meat?
People are finding that a diet with more vegetables and less meat can have dramatic health benefits.
Begins October 1 through October 31
Our theme, "Give and Grow" is all about finding a charity that speaks to your heart and making a difference by volunteering or donating.
Check our CMC calendar for various upcoming events.
You will be able to sign up using the new Employee Self Service application.
Be prepared
The Emergency Preparedness ZIP training is now available in the Talent Management System.
THANK YOU for your service.
It's fair to say that we are in the midst of an unprecedented situation — it's certainly nothing any of us have experienced — but PSRW 2020 is here.
Virtual Wellness Classes

Stay in Shape

Registration for December classes has opened. Earn 80% of your Wellness Credit. Limited spots.
Be diligent
Complete your Health Assessment by December 31, 2020 to earn a $35 Healthy Awards Account.
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The City wants you to have all the right tools to plan better, live better, feel better, know better and be better.
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