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PWE employees earn national award for preventing wastewater disaster

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Two City of Houston Public Works and Engineering Water Operations managers, Tomas Martinez and Sidney Bomer, recieved the Water Environment Federation Operator of the Year award at the WEF annual Technology Exhibition. Martinez and Bomer were recognized for their leadership and their team's efforts to bring 38 of Houston's waste water treatment plants back online within a couple of days after Hurricane Harvey.HatsOFf PWEwateraward

Martinez and Bomer received a standing ovation from approximately 33,000 water industry professionals in attendance. The conference spanned topics that covered water treatment, wastewater, water utility, water quality, water resources, and storm water. 

“Most people do not think about what happens to water when it goes down the drain or when we flush our toilets. It is out of sight and out of mind until something goes horribly wrong,” said Aisha Niang, Deputy Assistant Director, for Wastewater Operations, Houston Water.  "But, during hurricane Harvey, the world was watching, especially those in our industry.  To have our employees recognized at national level and receive a standing ovation just exemplifies not just the type of employees we have in wastewater operations but it demonstrated to the world, what kind of employees we have in Houston Water and in the City of Houston."

Pictured above from left to right:

Walid Samarneh – Managing Engineer, Wastewater Operations, Houston Water

Shannon Dunne – Acting Senior Assistant Director, Wastewater Operations, Houston Water

Tomas Martinez – Award Winner – Operations Manager, Wastewater Operations, Houston Water

Yvonne Forrest – Deputy Director, Houston Water

Sidney Bomer – Award Winner - Operations Manager, Wastewater Operations, Houston Water

Hector Montanez – Graduate Engineer, Wastewater Operations, Houston Water

Daniel Oefner – Supervising Engineer, Wastewater Operations, Houston Water

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