Tuesday, 28 August 2018 19:06

Firefighters convince reluctant patient to visit ER

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E. Najla Tanous wrote to HFD Samuel Peña to commend Roderick McDowell HFD Station 2, and Tom Wolcott his colleague from another HFD Station. McDowell and Wolcott showed great compassion during an EMS to Tanous' sister.   

"My sister Helene Tanous MD was recently discharged from Methodist Hospital. This evening she fell backwards with her walker and she could not stand up.  My sister called Life Alert and the HFD EMS came immediately.  She was refusing to go to the emergency room even though her doctor was ready to meet her there.  When firefighters McDowell and Wolcott tried to place her in her bed it became apparent that she could not walk. They kindly persuaded her to follow her doctor’s instructions to meet her at the Methodist Emergency.  Needless to say, she emphasized the respect she has for the HFD EMS knowledge and experience and decided to to honor their advice and go to Methodist Emergency Room. Houston is blessed to have such compassionate and knowledgeable firemen."


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