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Planning employee uncovers Houston history for city retiree

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Peggy Rogers, a City of Houston retiree, wrote to Mayor Sylvester Turner and Planning and Development Director Patrick Walsh to thank Mohdudul Huq for researching historical street data.

"I'd like to thank you for the special attention provided by your staff in my search for a record of street names and their origins in the mid-century Heights area. Like many people who've become conscious of passing time after reaching senior status, I've only recently begun to realize that my relatives may have had a role in Houston's history. I retired from the Houston DHHS in 2008 after 24 years and  finally have some time for that.

"Ms. Teresa Geisheker responded to my request and referred me to a departent expert on past records. Upon seeing his name (Mohdudul Huq ), I remembered having actually worked with him many years ago when I often had research needs on behalf of the Houston Health Department, formerly known as the Houston Department of Health and Human Services," she wrote.

"As I told him, I am very grateful to find that 'real' people are still working hard to keep the institutional knowledge intact. Mr. Mohdudul Huq checked into databases that I didn't know existed to retrieve the information on the history of dates and name changes for "Europa" and "Rogers" streets. My relatives lived there in 1939-1950 and were carpenters involved in building homes on those streets, including the one they lived in. Thank you for supporting those efforts as the electronic 'bots' who can't understand real-life questions take over the world," Rogers wrote.



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