Thursday, 16 November 2017 15:53

Meyerland resident appreciates thorough debris collection

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Impressed by the thorough debris collection from the city, Meyerland resident Barbara Thielen wrote to Mayor Sylvester Turner. In her letter, she asked specific questions about various flood control initatives, but emphasized her appreciation for the tireless work of city employees. 

"I want to thank you and our amazing Houston trash pickup employees. I live in Section 2 of Meyerland that had never flooded until Hurricane Harvey.  I want you to know that a crew of 3 City of Houston employees picked up, by hand, most of my Hurricane Harvey debris.  Due to them I lost no trees, tree limbs, or had any other damage to my property," she wrote. "They picked up my trash a month to the day after my home flooded, and I rushed out to thank them for picking up the smelly mound of junk in my driveway.  I’m sorry I didn’t get their names. My fellow neighbors were not as fortunate as me, being serviced by the independent contractors, and they had  trees split in half, large tree limbs torn down, and curbs ripped up. But, admittedly, the contractors had an enormous task to do in a short time and their efforts turned our neighborhood from a disaster zone to a construction zone in short order.

"I applaud you and your staff for your efforts fighting for our city.  The old stereotypical political promise was, 'I’ll make the trains run on time.' You’ve done something more difficult, 'I’ll pick up the trash.' Thanks, Mayor.  Houston is in good hands," she wrote.   


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