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GIS data analysis and maps aid in disaster recovery

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GIS 2During Hurricane Harvey, the Planning and Development Department’s Geographic Information System (GIS) division remained at the forefront of Hurricane Harvey response, as a city-wide emergency response resource. The ability to analyze and show data by specific geographic areas was a powerful tool for  both citizens and the city. City and county elected officials and first responders relied on the Planning and Development Department’s mapping capabilities to formulate and coordinate emergency action plans and rescues throughout the Houston-Galveston area.   

GIS Division employees including Larry Nierth, Joel Avery, Joel Casas, Braniff Davis, Zach Oyer, and Lauren Waddle, were stationed at the Houston Emergency Center for several days, before and after Hurricane Harvey.  

Residents can access geographic data on the GIS Portal's Houston Map Viewer to view similar maps used by first responders during Hurricane Harvey.

Photo: Zach Oyer, Laura Waddle, Braniff Davis, and GIS Manager Larry Nierth provided crucial mapping services to the Houston Emergency Center during Harvey. (Analysts Joel Avery and Joel Casas are not pictured)



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